AFC Constitution


1. Name:

The Association be known as the “Association of Festival Churches” (hereinafter referred to as AFC).

2. Status:

The AFC is an unincorporated Association under English law.

3. Purpose:

The purpose of the AFC is to bring together and bring support to Festival Churches and those supporting Festival Churches and those who are considering whether or not a church should become a Festival Church.

4. Membership:

Upon payment of a subscription as set out below, membership is open to any individual, Parochial Church Council, Trust, or other entity. Each subscribing member will receive a single vote in the elections and any meetings of the AFC and each subscribing member should submit a single email address by which it is envisaged that the AFC’s business will be conducted and communications will take place with members. All members will be given access by password to the AFC’s website.

5. Subscription:

The annual subscription for each member will be £10.00 and payment is required to be made by BACS to the Association’s Bank Account, further details to be confirmed.

6. Officers of the Association:

The Officers of the Association will be:

(a) A Chairperson;

(b) A secretary (who will also take responsibility for the Association’s website and its content);

(c) A Treasurer.

The Officers will be elected annually on the basis set out below.

7. The Committee:

There will be a committee of up to 20 members who will be elected annually.

8. Founding Officers and Committee:

Set out at Annexe A is a list of the founding Officers and committee who will hold office until June 2020.

9. Elections:

Elections where there is a contest will be conducted by postal ballot with ballot papers and details of the election being sent to each member by email by the Secretary. At an appropriate point each year, the Chairman will invite nominations for the Officers and committee and if it is clear that there is a necessity for an election for any or all of the Officers, or for the Committee, the Chair should, in consultation with the Secretary, make arrangements to ensure that an election can be carried out in an appropriate manner. All elections will be decided on the basis of a simple majority.

10. Honorary Officers:

The Officers and Committee may invite and appoint as many Patrons of the Association as they consider appropriate.

11. Committee Meetings:

It is envisaged that most of the work of the Committee will be conducted by email, but that Committee meetings in person will be held from time to time at the discretion of the Chair, and at times and locations intended to be of the greatest convenience to Committee members.

12. Annual General Meeting:

The Committee will be responsible for determining the time and location and agenda of the Annual General Meeting of the AFC.

13. Bank Account:

Details to be confirmed.